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Travel Drugs, Friends when Traveling

For those of you who like to travel, feel dizzy, nausea, and vomit because of motion sickness it is very annoying. So that your traveling activities are not disrupted, let's find out what travel sickness medications you can prepare, as well as ways to prevent and alleviate these complaints. Travel sickness is a term used if you experience dizziness, nausea, cold sweat, and vomiting while on your way. Travel sickness is also often called land sickness, sea sickness, or airsickness, depending on the type of transportation used. Anyone can experience travel sickness, from small children to parents. Even so, small children aged 2-12 years, pregnant or menstruating women, and migraine sufferers are more prone to travel sickness. How Did Travel sickness occur? Travel sickness can be experienced when the brain receives confusing messages from the nerves of the inner ear, eyes, skin, and muscle and joint sensors. For example, when you are in the cabin of a moving ship, your inner ear
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Don't be rash, pay attention to how to help victims of the right shock

Electric shock can be experienced by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. For example when installing electronic devices, repairing light switches, or touching broken cables. This can occur when parts of the body, such as hair or skin, come in contact with a power source directly. The effects of electrocution on the body are influenced by several factors, such as body size, extent of the body that is in contact with electric current, the strength of the electric current, and the duration of electrocution. Low-voltage electric current, which is less than 500 volts, usually does not cause serious injury. However, an electric current higher than 500 volts has a great potential to injure yourself. Electric shock is very dangerous, because it can cause burns, broken bones, fainting, respiratory distress, convulsions, heartbeat disorders, cardiac arrest, even death. Therefore, people who are electrocuted must immediately get help. How to help victims of electric shock Before helping vic

Various Types of Baby Food 10 Months

Entering the age of 10 months, babies may be introduced to food that is chopped or cut into small pieces. When eating babies at this age, three times a day with healthy snacks. However, you still need to know what 10-month baby food may be consumed. 10-month-old babies are usually already active and are good at babbling, crawling, sitting, standing, even walking with the help of holding furniture. At this time, the baby starts teething and the digestive system also begins to mature. 10-Month Baby Food That Can Be Consumed and Not In addition to breast milk, babies aged 10 months have no problem eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, and yogurt. You can even give baby food 10 months that are thicker or denser, like the following food samples: Wheat cereals, oats, or iron-fortified cereal mixtures. Protein from beef, poultry, boneless fish, and cut tofu into small pieces. Protein from beans cooked until cooked. Avocado, pear or banana softened. Crushed carrots, pumpkin,